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Aerator hose
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Non-return valve Boyu 4 mm
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Cylinder air stone diffuser HI-OXYGEN, diam. 1,5x7 cm
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Manifold air curtain, HAILEA 45cm
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SCHEGO prima
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Jar Plant Air Diffuser
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SCHEGO optimal
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aPUMP 40l
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Sicce Airlight 1.0 air pump (1000 L/h)
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aPUMP 100l
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Sicce Airlight 1.5 air pump (1500 L/h)
  1. There is a mandatory technique, without which it is difficult to maintain the correct life of the aquarium, and an additional technique that makes it easier for us to live with the aquarium and creates a safer habitat for our fish.

    The mandatory technique includes:

    1. A heating pad that keeps the optimal temperature for our aquarium.
    2. The lighting is selected for your type of aquarium and set on a timer so that the correct light cycle is carried out.
    3. Aeration to create oxygen in the water that the fish breathes.
    4. Internal or external filter for mechanical cleaning of the aquarium.
    5. Foam separators for marine aquariums

    Additional equipment:

    1. Various sensors that regulate the amount of substances in the water and report a violation, automatically turn off the water in case of leakage.
    2. CO2 systems for enriching aquariums with live plants with CO2 to increase plant photosynthesis.
    3. Flow pumps, to create a flow in the aquarium, for large aquariums this can help mechanical cleaning, for marine aquariums this is a mandatory item.
    4. An ultraviolet lamp, passing water through itself, it sterilizes it, algae spores are destroyed, which prevents the aquarium from overgrowing, as well as microorganisms that can infect your fish, this option is highly recommended in marine aquariums.
    5. Refrigerators and fans for cooling the aquarium, during the intense heat in the summer, your aquarium inhabitants in the event of a strong temperature increase may not survive the rise in the temperature of the water in the aquarium, as a rule, one fish dies, as a result of which the process of rotting is accelerated due to the increased temperature and because of the released ammonia, the aquarium dies entirely.
    6. For marine aquariums, there are calcium and bio reactors, calcium is needed to maintain water hardness and as a food for corals, which accelerates their growth, in turn, a bio reactor is needed so that special algae synthesize substances necessary to create the right bio environment in a marine aquarium
    7. The autocormer allows you not to waste your own time feeding fish.
    8. The skimmer collects dirt and various organic residues from the surface of the water at one point, which is most often useful in herbalists, since often torn plant leaves float to the surface after maintenance.
    9. The ozonator is needed in order to quickly break down organic matter, neutralize bad odors in the aquarium and solve problems with coloring substances, for example, brown driftwood can make the water in the aquarium yellow-brown in the first months after their purchase.
    10. Thermometers allow you to control the temperature of the water in the aquarium, in winter our hot water bottles turn on themselves when it is necessary to increase the temperature in the aquarium, and in summer it is necessary to make sure that the temperature does not exceed the norm.
    11. Dosing pumps with which you can control the dosage of substances in both fresh and marine aquariums.
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