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Freshwater aquarium
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Nuvo Fusion10 + Skkye Light 18W/10-20k, marine kit (38 liters)
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Nuvo Fusion 20 - aquarium + pump, filtration (76 L)
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Nuvo INT - INT aquarium + APS alu stand, black kit (190 L +)
Freshwater aquarium
One of the most interesting types of freshwater aquarium is the African Aquarium. The main idea of this aquarium is a stone design (rocks and caves), which are inhabited by bright fish-African cichlids. These fish are characterized by the same body shape and a variety of colors – orange, blue, yellow, blue, with stripes and oval spots. Due to the color of these fish, they are called "coral freshwater fish".

The design of this aquarium differs from the usual type of aquarium, since there are no living plants in it. The classic design of the African aquarium uses stones (flat, round granite, porous types of stones), which allows you to make a sufficient number of shelters and caves for its inhabitants. You can decorate such a design with the help of ornamental plants.

African cichlids are quite an aggressive type of fish. They should be kept in groups of at least 10 pieces in small aquariums and at least 20 in large aquariums. The fewer fish in the aquarium, the greater the competition among them for territory and grottoes. We do not recommend settling tropical fish together with African cichlids, with the exception of catfish.
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