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Mini reef
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Live reef water
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Nuvo Fusion 10 - aquarium + pump, filtration (38 L)
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Nuvo Fusion10 + Skkye Light 18W/10-20k, marine kit (38 liters)
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CUBIC Orbit20 GEN2 - Jellyfish tank 2nd generation (23 liters)
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Nuvo INT - INT aquarium + APS alu stand, black kit (190 L +)
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RS MAX® NANO - fully featured open top aquarium (75L, cabinet), black
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RS MAX® NANO - fully featured open top aquarium (75L, cabinet), white
Mini reef
Nowadays, many owners of freshwater aquariums would like to switch to reef aquariums.

This section contains practical tips for maintaining a reef aquarium.

A large reef aquarium is quite expensive, so we will consider a mini reef aquarium that is easy to maintain yourself.

First you need to buy an aquarium from 50 to 150 liters. We recommend buying such aquariums in specialized companies, where you can order an aquarium of the right size and clarify all the nuances associated with its creation.

filling up the aquarium

Fill the bottom of the aquarium with a small fraction of 1-2 mm soil. Level the soil so that its thickness is about 5-6 cm.
According to the instructions, calculate the amount of salt, pour it into the aquarium and fill it with water.
To quickly and better dissolve the salt, turn on the pump and filter (for water flow).
Turn on the water heater at 24°C degrees.
Install a special LED lighting and a timer so that the light turns off automatically at night, and works no more than 10 hours during the day.
The main technical part of the mini reef aquarium can be considered ready.

In a reef aquarium, it is necessary to use completely purified water so that there are no chemical impurities. Water can be purchased from us
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