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Sea salt aquariums
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Live reef water
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Nuvo Fusion 10 - aquarium + pump, filtration (38 L)
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Nuvo Fusion10 + Skkye Light 18W/10-20k, marine kit (38 liters)
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Nuvo Fusion 20 - aquarium + pump, filtration (76 L)
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Nuvo Fusion PENINSULA 14 - aquarium + pump (52 L)
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Nuvo Concept ABYSS PANORAMA - aquarium + pump, fitration (75L)
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Nuvo Fusion 30L - aquarium + pump, filtration (110 L)
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Nuvo INT - INT aquarium + APS alu stand, black kit (190 L +)
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RS MAX® NANO - fully featured open top aquarium (75L, cabinet), black
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RS MAX® NANO - fully featured open top aquarium (75L, cabinet), white
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RS REEFER XL425 - aquarium kit, black (332+90 L)
Sea salt aquariums
When creating an aquarium, we have to take into account the need to install special equipment to ensure the vital activity of corals. It is also necessary to be educated in this field or completely rely on the decisions of a specialist.

As an option, we suggest considering the possibility of installing a simple marine aquarium, which is much cheaper and easier to stabilize biological processes.

Reef aquarium is the most interesting of the marine types of aquariums. The reef is a whole system of complex and harmonious relationships of fish, corals, polyps and invertebrates. Here, every animal tries as much as possible to provide a comfortable and safe place of residence and take care of food.

This whole beautiful world should not be ignored, otherwise, for example, toxic anemones, approaching close to soft corals, can endanger their well-being. It is necessary to notice this in time and prevent possible consequences.

Many manuals on the care of reef aquariums have been written, but, as practice shows, only a specialist or an amateur with a lot of practice can maintain such an aquarium.
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