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Aquael LEDDY TUBE RETRO FIT PLANT, 8000K 60 / 90 / 120. ( 10W/16W/18W )
10W RETROFIT LEDDY TUBE535-665mm10wPlant8000K2 years
16W RETROFIT LEDDY TUBE742-875mm16wPlant8000K2 years
18W RETROFIT LEDDY TUBE1135-1265mm18wPlant8000K2 years
EAN: 209991
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76.58 €
60 cm
90 cm
120 cm
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Product Information

An advantage of LED modules is their durability. Unlike the regular fluorescent lamps, whose light output drops by half after one year of use, LEDs can be used for many years without replacement, thereby saving even more money. They also emit the same amount of light as fluorescent lamps whilst consuming half the energy. In order to make their service life even longer the latest generation of the Leddy Slim and Retro Fit lamps is equipped with an innovative self-repair system.

The Leddy tube modules are very easy to install. Each model is supplied with special adapters so that they can be assembled into any luminaire T5, T8 or the retro fits. The modules draw power from an independent supply source. Four versions of the product are available: two for freshwater aquariums, the Leddy Sunny, which emits light with a colour temperature of 6500 K similar to natural sunlight, and Leddy plant with a colour temperature of 8000 K, designed to enhance the growth of aquatic plants.

Tehnilised andmed
Akvaariumi tüüp Nano akvaarium
Akvaariumi tüüp Magevee akvaarium
Võimsus 10 W
Võimsus 16 W
Võimsus 18 W
Valgustus LED
Lambi suurused 60 cm
Lambi suurused 90 cm
Lambi suurused 120 cm
Lambi suurused Muud suurused
Kelvin 6500-10000
Turvaline makse
Kiire kohaletoimetamine
Tagastamis- ja vahetusvõimalused
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